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Our global team is led by former Fortune 100 talent acquisition execs and includes seasoned recruiters with deep experience in technical recruitment, an average of 8 years tenure, and fluent in 8 languages supporting all around GCC

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Outsourcing the recruitment process can be a major challenge. At BTMT, we make sure to understand your business objectives in order to build a process integrated to your culture. We know technology at its core, enabling us to position your brand as highly attractive at the same time we provide a consistent candidate experience.

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We fill more than 6,000 positions per year. With 85% average candidate acceptance, 30% average savings in agency fees, and 14-20 days on average to source the finalist candidate, it’s no wonder our average client tenure is 8+ years and our client retention rates lead the industry at 94%.

we do ALL things RECRUITMENT.

We listen to your recruitment challenges and take a consultative and low cost approach. We offer various recruitment models and align the right recruitment strategy that best fits your hiring needs. Our team acts as an extension of your HR department, supporting internal talent teams, hiring managers and executives.

  • Our size is our strength. We’re small enough to care but big enough to make an impact. Genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with our ability to respond and adapt swiftly to clients’ needs makes us the one stop recruitment shop.
  • At Our success is our people. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our most important assets – our people – through recognition and rewards. Our core values underpin everything we do and are reflected by our people.
  • We ‘get’ clients. We developed a hybrid managed service model for smaller organisations without compromise to core value or success for the education and social housing markets – two sectors previously unfamiliar with the MSP model – now benefitting from the efficient service meeting recruitment demands cost-effectively.

India holds advantage as a medical tourism destination due to following factors

Medical tourism (also called medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare) is a term used to describe the rapidly-growing practice of travelling across international borders to seek healthcare services. Services typically sought by travelers include elective procedures as well as complex surgeries, etc.

India holds advantage as a medical tourism destination due to following factors:

Most of the doctors and surgeons at Indian hospitals are trained or have worked at some of the medical institutions in the US, Europe, or other developed nations.

Most doctors and nurses are fluent in English.

Top -of-the-line medical and diagnostic equipment from global international conglomerates is available at many Indian hospitals.

Indian nurses are among the best in the world. Nearly 1000 recognized nurses-training centers in India, mostly attached to teaching hospitals, graduate nearly 10,000 nurses annually.

Even the most budget-conscious traveler can afford first-rate service and luxury amenities.